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Eleggua ~ Caminos Candle

Eleggua ~ Caminos Candle

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Within this sacred candle, age-old herbaceous tales unfurl. As its flame burns spiritedly, the vast mosaic of Elegguá's dominion emerges. Succulent caramelo melds with the piercing clarity of oregano and bay leaf, while earthy patchouli casts shadows, echoing the mysteries of every beckoning crossroad.

Top: Bay Leaf | Oregano | Thyme
Heart: Caramelo | Patchouli | Eucalyptus
Base: Tobacco | Clove | Black Cedar

Coconut Wax | Lead-Free Cotton Wick | 50 hr Burn time | 8 oz

No Parabens or Phthalates | Handpoured in California | Reusable vessel