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14k Florescence Ring

14k Florescence Ring

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Florescence [flaw-res-uhns, floh-, fluh-] n. The act, state, or period of flowering; bloom.

The Florescence Ring is M. Hisae's take on the historical Toi et Moi ring where two unique flowers bloom along the same stem. A past and present version of you? You and a current or long lost love? Buds in waiting, a most potent form of potential, will keep good company but ripen in their own time. This is the story of your innermost garden.

◘ __ct oval Teal Australian Sapphire (natural, free of any treatments)
◘ __ct princess cut champagne natural diamond
◘ This is a completely one of a kind piece

◘ Band is 1.6mm round
◘ 3 sets of hand-balled gold beads frame each bezel
◘ 100% Certified Recycled, solid 14k Yellow Gold

◘ Currently a size 7.5

This ring can be made to order - contact us for more information